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Persecution of the Western Church


February/March/April 2021: Pastor James Coates jailed for 35 days; police build a fence around GraceLife church; 200 cops in riot gear and a police helicopter confront Christian worshipers.

April/May 2021: Polish Pastor Artur Pawlowski harassed and eventually arrested in Alberta.

April 2021: Police raid Westminster Chapel during service and fine elders.

May 2021: Trinity Bible Chapel fined $40 million, then seized by police and a locksmith

May 2021: Alberta Court Justice issues restraining order against anyone who "incites" people to go to church.

May 2021: Calgary police arrest Pastor Tim Stephens outside his church, in front of his wife and sobbing children; then later seize the church building.

May 2021: Armed police shut down Church of God during Sunday services.

May 2021: Premiere of Manitoba invents his own "11th Commandment" when asked about churches.

May 2021: Pastor Tobias Tissen of Church of God in Manitoba goes into hiding after police obtain warrant for his arrest.


May 2021: Christians face prison time for quoting the Bible on homosexuality.

United Kingdom

April 2021: 75-year-old preacher arrested for quoting the Bible on homosexuality.

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