Saturday, September 10, 2016

Christian Even When You Don't "Get It"

This is a test post. However, I'm also using it to temporarily store a quote I want to refer to later... You see, I was a Buddhist for 13 years, and a fairly "atheistic" one at that. So, you can imagine that a lot of friends and family are puzzled by the fact that I became a Christian over the last couple of years. With varying degrees of acceptance and "good for you" responses, there are the inevitable questions or comments, like: "What about ___?" or "But the Bible says weird stuff like ___."

Well, Danielle D'Souza wrote something in her book, YGOD, that resonates perfectly with my gradual conversion and my ongoing exploration as a Christian:
Sure, there are things I don't get about Christianity. But since I've experienced how true some of it is .. how true it proves to be, when you think and act like it's true ... how much it makes clear every day, even little things ... well, then, I accept on faith the parts I don't get yet. (p.17)
That's pretty much where I'm at! And I think if we're honest, that's where most of us Christians are, no matter how long we've been doing this.