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Delight Thyself in the LORD

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. (Psalm 37:4 KJV) This is not the prosperity gospel. This isn't saying "follow God (or suck up to God) and you'll get everything you want." It's saying if the "desires of thine heart" are to find delight in the Lord, then you will get those desires.

This isn't about delighting in God in order to get something else. It's about allowing yourself to delight in God, truly wanting to delight in God, and knowing that you will have that delight.

God answers every prayer with a "yes" or a "no," but the one prayer he will always answer with a solid, undeniable "yes" is your sincere prayer to delight in him. God may not give you a pony or a plastic rocket, but he will always give you himself if he is what you truly delight in and desire.

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Our Centuries-Old Enemy

Some years ago, I considered myself an Objectivist and a rabid supporter of Ayn Rand's view on just about everything. She has been widely quoted as saying, “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” In other words: reality is what it is. "Facts are facts," she wrote, "independent of man’s feelings, wishes, hopes or fears."

Though I've long since left behind Objectivism and found my way into Christianity (a brand of "superstition" Ayn Rand particularly despised), I can still agree with her on the principle of the objective nature of reality. All Christians can and should agree with her on that point. The Bible and the nature of God leave no room for a wishy-washy, murky concept of what's true or good or real.

Much of Rand's adult life was consumed with marshaling her merry band of intellectuals to fight against what she labeled "subjectivism" -- a willful ignorance and defiance of the way reality is and what it means for human li…

Christian Even When You Don't "Get It"

I was a Buddhist for 13 years, and I spent most of that time being a fairly "atheist" Buddhist. You can imagine that a lot of friends and family are puzzled by the fact that I became a Christian over the last couple of years, and (along with my wife) got baptized back in June of this year. With varying degrees of acceptance and "good for you" type responses, there are the inevitable questions like: "What about ____?" or "But the Bible says weird stuff like ____..." or "How can you believe ____ without fully understanding it?"

Well, let me share two snippets that resonate with my approach to such questions.

First, Danielle D'Dsouza in her book, YGOD:
Sure, there are things I don't get about Christianity. But since I've experienced how true some of it is ... how true it proves to be, when you think and act like it's true ... how much it makes clear every day, even little things ... well, then, I accept on faith the parts…